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de Paola
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Why I decided to create my own design course

Feb 19, 2024

Learn UI Design in 5 Weeks

Another design course?

Well, yes and no.

After 2 years, Dribbble has ended its Education Program where I was mentoring cohorts of UI and Product Design. During this period I could mentor, help, connect, and had fun with more than 80 students. But something about Dribbble's content was always bugging me and coming around during the many mentor sessions we had.

The lack of design theory as central part of the content!

The courses were successful on teaching Figma, research, career guidance, and all. But the amount of students lacking design principles, aesthetic, color concept, accessibility, and understanding typography was high! And that caught my attention.

So, what am I gonna teach then?

Exactly what Dribbble's was missing. During 5 weeks, for the module with mentorship, we'll cover topics like design principles, how and why choosing a font family, how to build a color palette, information architecture, visual explorations, and much more. Of course we'll cover some Figma related content, but the core is to teach how to design digital screens in ANY design tool. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

The course also has a module without my mentorship where you can watch the content, 19 lessons in total, in your own pace. Feel free to choose what's best for you.

When it will be available?

By the time of this post, the course is on waitlist for both modules. In the next two weeks I'll be recording and editing the 19 lessons, aiming to release them and open to purchase by end of March.

The cohorts will be held from Tuesdays to Thursdays, from 6 to 8 pm EST. Minimum of 3 and maximum of 15 students per class, in a first come first serve process. If you are the 16th in the list, you'll be placed in the next available cohort of the day you chose.

So, to wrap things up, go to http://uicourse.design and save your spot!

de Paola
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