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Mastering Diabetes

Mastering Diabetes is the USA's lead diabetes program and course that teaches people how to live better and healthier lives with diabetes.

May 20, 2022

Mobile Product Design

The Problem

Collaborating intimately with the visionary CEO and insightful CMO, I embarked on a transformative journey to bring their esteemed company's digital presence to the mobile realm. This endeavor was grounded in the seamless translation of their existing web interface into an engaging and dynamic mobile app.

However, the canvas of innovation stretched beyond mere replication. Imbued with a commitment to holistic wellness, I artfully integrated fitness functionalities that encompassed weight management, meticulous tracking of water consumption, and the pivotal measure of blood glucose levels. These additions illuminated the path to a comprehensive wellness experience, fostering a profound connection between the app and its users' physical well-being.

In addition to these vital features, I interwove a tapestry of educational content—a repository of knowledge tailored to empower users on their wellness journey. This repository serves as a beacon of enlightenment, elevating the app beyond a transactional tool into a source of transformative understanding.

The culmination of these endeavors resulted in a mobile app that marries the familiar with the novel, the practical with the aspirational. Seamlessly transposing the company's essence onto the mobile canvas, this app stands as a testament to synergy—a confluence of innovation, vision, and unwavering dedication to user well-being.Role

Product Designer