Daniel de Paola

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Sparkr Dating

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Introducing Sparkr, a revolutionary evolution in the realm of dating applications, where the archaic notion of swiping to find a match is left behind.

Worked closely with the two founders on a dating app project to translate the business plan and list of priorities into the MVP screens.

Designed the experience, predicting future features to present them to potential investors.

Built the component library to keep everything on Figma and easy to hand off to developers.

Profiles and matching notifications

The client is embarking on an innovative journey to create a cutting-edge Dating App, introducing substantial enhancements compared to existing options.

With a primary focus on safety, the application will incorporate an advanced artificial intelligence system. This system will play a pivotal role in enhancing security and verification protocols, effectively curbing the presence of fake profiles and identity misrepresentation.

Moreover, strategic partnerships with renowned restaurants, movie theaters, and other establishments will establish designated "safe spaces" for individuals to convene. These collaborations will offer users exclusive benefits such as discounts on various products and services.

Dating, social, and safe locations
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The role involved transforming concepts and rough sketches into visually captivating interfaces.

The core objective was to present the application to potential users and investors alike.

This position holds the vital responsibility of showcasing the app's key functionalities, which will be further refined and elevated in subsequent phases of the project.


As the Product Designer, your responsibilities will encompass the following:

  • Collaborating with the client to refine conceptual ideas and preliminary sketches.

  • Understanding the most important features.

  • Creating easy-to-use interaction flows.

  • Crafting visually appealing interfaces that encapsulate the app's unique value proposition.

  • Ensuring an intuitive user experience through thoughtful design choices and user-centric layouts.

  • Presenting design prototypes to internal teams and incorporating feedback for iterative enhancements.

  • Delivering polished design assets and mockups that resonate with the target audience.

  • Contributing to the app's visual identity (and simple basic brand) and design guidelines for consistency.

  • Creating a pitch deck to showcase my app..

Library of components
Library of components